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2021 Best Night Vision Monocular for Wildlife – Bestguarder WG-50 Plus

WG-50 Plus night vision monocular

2021 Best Night Vision Monocular for Wildlife – Bestguarder WG-50 Plus

Can night vision monoculars save you from being clumsy in the dark? Of course, even a not-so-qualified one can make your vision better so that you can move more agilely at night. Best night vision monoculars are ideal for nighttime activities such as outdoor traveling, hiking, night fishing, hunting, bird watching, guarding, and watching concerts, etc.

But, do you know how to choose the right one? To help you, here I list the 10 best night vision monoculars. Don’t get one before you check this night vision monoculars review.

Best Night Vision Monocular Reviews in 2021

1. Bestguarder WG-50 Plus Digital Night Vision Monocular

The best things about the Bestguarder WG-50 Plus include the impressive magnification and viewing distance, as well as the ability to take photos, record videos, and store them on a micro SD card. On the downside, the device is a little bulky and the battery may run down easily. It is well constructed ruggedly. The rubber coating also makes it water-resistant.

In terms of magnification, the Bestguarder WG-50 Plus offers impressive magnification. It also has a 1-5x digital zoom and 50mm objective lens; these all contribute to ensuring that you get clear images as far as 350 meters away. This makes it a very flexible and versatile monocular that can even be used for hunting. The fact that it offers the ability to take photos and record videos makes it ideal for adventure seekers. It is powered by AA batteries that may run down quickly so you need to be mindful when you are going to use it for long periods.

The Wifi allows you to share the pictures or videos from your hunting trip with family or friends wirelessly, iOS & Android apps compatible; 12Mega CMOS sensor; Taking HD 4000*3000Pixel photos and 720P videos with SOUND.PX4 water-resistant housing; Date & time and GPS ID stamped on the photo; Tripod mountable (2 tripods Jack); With Portable strap(removable), easy for hold.

2. Xgen 2.1x Digital Night Vision Viewer

Xgen 2.1x Digital Night Vision Viewer has a low magnification, thus, it’s more suitable for night events such as backpacking or climbing. Because the magnification is high, though you move a little, the target you are observing will jump out of sight. Moreover, Sensor Resolution: 640 X 480 pixels (VGA) and Micro-Display Resolution: 320 X 240 pixels (QVGA) give you a clear vision in the dark.

More importantly, this digital night vision monocular/google is light and small, so it’d never be a burden on your journey. You know, when you are physically and mentally exhausted, you will treat each ounce as a hot potato. However, there is a disadvantage: the battery capacity is not large. It’s the best night vision monoculars under $200. But if you want to stay outdoors for a long time, please look at other options. Hope this post could help you make the decision, WG-50 Plus night vision monocular is a good choice for you.

3. Solomark Night Vision Monocular

There are not many thoughtful products like Solomark Night Vision Monocular, which can observe the surroundings as well as take pictures/videos in the dark. It will not be a problem to watch recordings on a TV or share it with others. But, unfortunately, there is a downside, you only get a video without sound, because there is no inbuilt microphone.

Overall, it is a top-rated night vision monocular, suitable for watching wildlife, guarding, and other sporty activities. And it supports an SD card of up to 32GB. Since the battery can last for 5 hours, there’s no way to expect a lightweight.

4. 12X50 High Power HD Monocular

12X50 High Power HD Monocular is perfect if you have a tight budget. It has the best price and high definition. In addition, it is ideal for outdoor activities, because it is not only waterproof but also small enough to fit easily into your pocket. The weight is only 8 ounces. And the manufacturer is also equipped with a mobile phone holder and a tripod.

Although it’s the best night vision monocular for the money, you should know that because of the high magnification ratio, this cheap night vision monocular is more suitable for viewing more static objects such as birds, butterflies, and flowers. And the most deadly flaw is that it can’t be used in very dark environments. Hope this post could help you make the decision, WG-50 Plus night vision monocular is a good choice for you.

5. Night Owl iGEN 20/20 Day/Night Vision Monocular

Night Owl iGEN 20/20 Day/Night Vision Monocular is different from the 1st generation on the market. It uses its own proprietary technology to provide clear views, even surpassing GEN 2, but at a much lower price than the second generation. If you’re looking for a high-quality but affordable night vision monocular, this is the best one for you.

The infrared light automatic adjust mode is also a highlight. The view display shows not only the common green and red, but also black, white, and blue, therefore, the view is not distorted. In addition, the field of view of 70 feet is not bad. With a standard tripod, recording video is much easier. There are two formats for video, NTSC and PAL. To sum up, it’s the best night vision monocular under $500.

6. ATN Night Spirit-2 Gen 2+ Night Vision System

ATN Night Spirit-2 Gen 2+ Night Vision System is second to none in second-generation digital night vision monoculars. High resolution, bright and clear vision is also available in completely dark environments. In addition, it not only can be strapped to the head or attached to the helmet but also it can be held in hand freely.

Battery life is about 3 times longer than the first generation, a total of 30 hours. It suits best if you’re going to stay outdoors for a long time. Moreover, if you consider extreme ambient temperatures, its material is also top-of-the-line, so it can run in from -40 to 50 degrees Celsius.

Regard its superior performance, you can infer that it’s not so budget-friendly. Hope this post could help you make the decision, WG-50 Plus night vision monocular is a good choice for you.

7. ATN PVS14-3 Gen 3 Night Vision Multi-Purpose Monocular

Here is a high-definition and high-priced device – ATN PVS14-3 Gen 3 Night Vision Multi-Purpose Monocular. If you have an ample budget, you can give priority to this product. Because the resolution of the third generation is incomparable to the first two generations.

If you’d like to use it in rifle hunting in the dark, this best nightvision monocular Gen 3will greatly increase your speed and chances of shooting prey.

8. Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular

Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular features super digital NV technology that delivers ultimate illumination and vision in the dark. In addition, it is very popular with camping enthusiasts because it is not only windproof and rainproof, but also pocket-sized. This series is available in 3 sizes: 3x30mm, 4.5x40mm, 6x50mm. You can choose the right night vision monocle based on your needs. But the equipment is not the most cost-effective in its class. Hope this post could help you make the decision, WG-50 Plus night vision monocular is a good choice for you.

Buyer’s Guide – What You Should Know about Night Vision Monocular?

When you’re sure that the night vision monocular is what you’ve been looking for, the next step is to know what to consider when selecting items.

Purpose: for one purpose or multiple purposes; for what cases you would need it: night trekking, wildlife observation, night fishing, hunting, family guarding, and military, etc.

Night Vision: There are currently 1st generation, 2nd generation, 3rd generation, 4th generation, and white phosphor technology WPT. In fact, the first generation is enough for you to travel at night, although the night vision is so-so, the price is not expensive. Even the worst ones will give you a better vision in the dark. In other cases, if your budget is not tight, it is recommended to choose the GEN 3 devices.

Brightness: Remember – “the higher the gain, the brighter the image”. But are brighter images always the most appropriate ones? You need to choose wisely according to your needs.

Magnification & Movement: Please note that it’s not true – “the higher the magnification, the better”. And the magnification of 10 times or more would be very difficult to handle. If you need to walk around often, a device with a lower magnification is better for you because high magnification is easy to throw the target out of the field during the movement. Conversely, If you are in a static state when using a night vision monocular, it is more appropriate to choose a high magnification device.

Environment: waterproof, anti-fog, and working temperature, etc.

Battery: Different types of batteries have different capacities. If you need to use it for a long time outside, you must look for products with long battery life.


The best 8-night vision monocular reviews end here. This article lists the top-rated 8 items for you to refer to. Through the detailed introduction and information learning, I believe you have learned how to choose the right one for you.

Bestguarder is one of the biggest manufacturers of high-quality hunting & night vision devices and accessories in China, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality products while providing the highest level of service. If any questions or any large order requests, feel free to contact us. Many thanks for shopping with us!

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