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Best Budget Trail Camera Reviews of 2021 – Bestguarder SG-009

Bestguarder SG-009

Best Budget Trail Camera Reviews of 2021 – Bestguarder SG-009

Our goal is to evaluate the features that matter the most on a trail camera. We have ten high-end units available here, each costing under $200.

We’ve spent a lot of time testing the market, evaluating important factors such as accuracy, image quality, battery life, durability, and more.

If you want the best camera you can get your hands on, this is a great way to get it. Take a few minutes to read our trail camera reviews and decide on the perfect product for your purposes.

Best Budget Trail Cameras – 2021 Reviews

1. Bestguarder SG-009 12MP Trail Camera

Bestguarder SG-009 is an affordable, rugged camera that’s designed to stand up against wear and tear, as well as the elements. It’s waterproof, so you can leave it out long-term without worry. The main features as below.

HD 12MP 1080p RESOLUTION: 12MP stunning color images and 1920*1080p HD videos with audio up to 90 seconds, this camera presents you with well-detailed imagery down to every detail of the true-to-life wildlife image during the daytime (black and white at night), taking up to 9 photos per trigger within 0.6-0.8s.

LONG NIGHT-VISION RANGE: Equipped with 36 940nm black IR LEDs and a fully automatic IR filter, this camera can easily extend its nighttime vision range up to 75ft/23m without any visible flash, making it a must for wildlife monitoring without scaring animals away.

5 CAPTURE MODES & LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Featuring 5 Capture Modes: Photo/ Video/ Time Lapse/ Hybrid (Photo + Video)/ Motion Detection, this camera guarantees you more options and fun regarding different hunting situations. Together with an energy-efficient operating system, the camera (in standby mode) can extend its use of time to 8 months or take 40000 images with 8*AA 1.5V batteries (not included in the package).

MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: This camera features a time stamp including Moon Phase/Pressure/Temperature/Gps Geotag, Timer, Realtime Replay, Hybrid Mode, Interval Recording, bringing this camera to multiple applications beyond your expectation.

ADVANCED PROTECTION: Password protection and an IP66-rated waterproof case grants this camera double protection. Password protection freeing you from the concern of your photos being reviewed if stolen and the waterproof case protects from rain, moisture, sand, dust, and corrosion, etc. All-in-all, this camera’s software, and hardware are both well protected.

2. Campark T45 1080P Trail Camera

The Campark T45’s fast-acting motion detector can capture images .3 seconds after noticing motion. Thanks to keen night vision, this feature can be accessed at any time and can go months without a new charge.

This is thanks to a low consumption power mode that burns virtually no battery whatsoever except when taking images.

As the last unit, it’s also waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof, and it’s very easy to use.

If you weren’t sold on our top pick, this is a great alternative for your consideration. There are, however, a couple of things to be wary of. The image quality isn’t as high. Granted, trail cameras don’t need to shoot 4K video necessarily, but clarity is always ideal when you can get it.

The harnessing latch also has some durability concerns. It tends to snap easily, so you may need to replace it sooner than expected.

3. Victure Trail Game Camera

On a list of value picks, the Victure still manages to stand out as an affordable option for budget buyers. This camera uses infrared technology to shoot high-quality footage day or night.

You also get a lot out of the sensors. They’re able to respond to motion in .5 seconds, so you won’t need to worry about many false alarms.

Three working modes mean you get versatility out of the Victure as well. It can shoot video, take a single photograph, or both.

It is a challenge to use. Setup will take a while, and you may struggle to navigate the settings and modes for some time.

Customer service won’t be much help either. According to buyers, the company is challenging to work with, so any questions or problems you encounter will need to be worked out on your own.

None of these factors are ideal, but for the money, they may be worth accepting. Hope this post could help you find the right trail camera, Bestguarder SG-009 is a nice choice for you.

4. Stealth Cam 8MP 30IR Trail-Game-Camera

A massive memory capacity does the Stealth Cam 8MP 30IR well. Thanks to the capacity to work with a 32-gigabyte memory card, you can record for up to 180 seconds at a time, and store many videos as needed.

You do need to buy the card separately, which is quite pricey at that storage size, but if you need a large memory it will be well worth it.

The strong sensors have an 80-foot range and a .5 second response time that makes the camera about as responsive as you can hope to get in equipment at this price range.

The sensors are overly sensitive. You may find yourself with a lot of empty frames. It’s also hard to work with, and oddly enough, it shoots better video at night than during the day.

It works well, but as far as value is concerned, you could spend similar money to get more with our best for the money pick.

5. APEMAN 1080P Trail-Camera

The APEMAN Trail Camera 20MP 1080P is one of the fastest cameras on this list. The sensors can activate in .3 seconds (as opposed to the .5 most units boast). When in the territory of fractions of a second, marginal improvements don’t mean a ton, but they can still be the difference in making or missing your shot.

The 20MP resolution means that whatever image those fast sensors pick up, it will be crystal-clear. The HD photos produced by this camera give you a distinct view of whatever wildlife you’re trying to capture.

It even has a built-in LCD screen for instant viewing of your photographs. You do pay a little more for these high-quality features. This is one of the pricier options here, which won’t do well for people trying to stay well south of $100.

It also doesn’t do so well with night-time photos, which could be disqualifying depending on your need for the camera. Hope this post could help you find the right trail camera, Bestguarder SG-009 is a nice choice for you.

6. Foxelli 14MP 1080P Trail Camera

The Foxelli 14MP 1080P has a durable waterproof body and a medium-resolution 14MP camera that still keeps it competitive with the image quality of most cellphones.

You get a 65-foot range of vision even at night, and it comes with the standard .5 second sensor activation time so you won’t miss anything.

The 2.4-inch LCD screen makes it easy to instantly view your photos on the device itself, so you don’t need to wait to see what you captured.

One of the best things about this camera, however, is how energy-efficient it is. The manufacturer describes the camera as a “set it up and forget it” tool, which is apt. It can run for up to eight months on basic double AA batteries.

The low maintenance makes it great for a variety of users. There are a few points of concern, however. As mentioned earlier, the camera isn’t as high-quality as others on the list.

The LCD screen is also hard to view. The size and quality of the screen keep the images blurry, which minimizes the utility of this otherwise very handy feature. Hope this post could help you find the right trail camera, Bestguarder SG-009 is a nice choice for you.

Buyer’s Guide

Here are a few short considerations that may help make your decision a little easier.

Image Resolution

The megapixels are what ultimately have the biggest effect on your image quality. The more megapixels you can get, the better your pictures will look.

Twelve megapixels is likely the very least you’ll want to settle for if image quality matters to you. That’s roughly the quality of a phone camera, which serves as a good baseline for the results you can expect to get. Hope this post could help you find the right trail camera, Bestguarder SG-009 is a nice choice for you.


Ruggedness is important because trail cameras, by definition, spend an enormous amount of time outside.

You’ll want something with a sturdy build, and a dust/moisture seal.

Battery Life

Long battery life is very convenient and will save you money over time. The average camera will take four to eight pricey batteries. Long battery life may pay for itself over several years of use.

Anything between six months to one year will be great if you can get it.

Strap Size

Where are you mounting the camera? A twig, a branch, a fence post, a tree? You’ll want the mounting straps to suit a range of different circumstances. The more adjustable the straps, the more freedom you’ll have with your camera.

Final Words

Ideally, our trail camera reviews have made it clear which of these products is right for you. We’ve looked at ten great cameras. With that many options, it can be hard to settle on just one. We truly hope that you find the best cheap trail camera that will live up to your needs.

If you still need a little more help, we do have a final recommendation for you. Our top pick, the Bestguarder SG-009 12MP Trail Game Camera, features high-quality images and fantastic sensors that will help ensure you have a pleasing experience.

You know a ton about trail cameras now, so hopefully, you won’t have any trouble deciding for yourself.

Bestguarder is one of the biggest manufacturers of high-quality hunting & night vision devices and accessories in China, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality products while providing the highest level of service. If any questions or any large order requests, feel free to contact us. Many thanks for shopping with us!

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