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Bestguarder SY-007 PLUS Wireless Hunting Security Alarm System Motion detector Test

Bestguarder SY-007 PLUS Wireless Hunting Security Alarm System Motion detector Test

Bestguarder SY-007 PLUS General Information:

Bestguarder SY-007 Plus is a wireless alarm system that contains one 433MHz wireless receiver and five passive infra-red (PIR) motion detectors, when the detector is triggered by a motion in 0-15M open distance, a wireless signal within a maximum range of 300M is transmitted to the receiver, a 15 seconds vibration, a 15 seconds LED light and a 15 seconds sound can identify which detector has been triggered.

Bestguarder SY-007 Plus Wireless Hunting and Security Alarm System Kits Main Features:
  1. Adjustable detecting distance up to 15M for detector; Wireless transmission range up to 300M;
  2. Combined 5pcs detectors to one receiver, covered all the blind spots in 360°
  3. Three alarm modes: sound alarm, vibration alarm, LED light alarm
  4. Sensitive sensor for each motion of animals, 0.5 seconds triggered time, works effectively for bow, or muzzleloader hunter;
  5. Water-resistant and shock-resistant, powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included), FCC-ID, EC-RED, RoHS certificated;
Bestguarder SY-007 Plus Specifications:
  • Detectors combined to one receiver: 5pcs
  • Connecting distance between receiver and detector: =300m
  • Detector PIR distance: =<12m
  • Wireless Radio Frequency: 433MHz
  • PIR Angle: 70 °
  • PIR Trigger: =<0.5 second
  • Alarm Sounds: 15 seconds, volume adjustable
  • Power: 3 * AAA batteries (Not included)
  • Receiver Battery Life: Up to 100hours(continuous working time)
  • Detector Battery Life: UP to 400hours (continuous working time)
  • Receiver Power Consumption: =<8mA, 4.5V
  • Detector Power Consumption: =<2mA, 4.5V
  • Detector Watt: =<25mW
  • Receiver Size: 80 x 55 x40 mm
  • Detector Size: 140 x100 x40 mm
  • Water Resistance (Only for detector): IP66
SY-007 Plus Application:

Hunters primarily use this alarm system to inform them of the approach of any animals; it is also used in the field of residential and commercial surveillance.

SY-007 Plus Content:

1 * Receiver
5 * Detector
5 * Belt (mounting bracket)
1 * User Manual

If you are interested, kindly order it from our site, we have it in stock and we can ship it soon. Many thanks for shopping with us, have a nice day!

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