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Buyer’s Review: Best Wireless Trail Camera Hunting System- Bestguarder SY-007 plus

bestguarder sy-007 plus review

Buyer’s Review: Best Wireless Trail Camera Hunting System- Bestguarder SY-007 plus

Thanks to improvements in wireless communications, it is currently feasible to see the photos kept on certain trail cams without ever needing to literally access them.

Wireless trail cameras, also called cellular trail cameras, are hunting cameras that utilize a cellular network to transmit pictures as well as HD video clips to a watching tool, so you have to consider different data strategies when selecting your cam.

Nonetheless, there are possible problems that interested buyers need to think about. Aside from the manner in which they transmit information, wireless trail cameras all operate in the same ways as other trail cameras. Hope this review could help you make the decision, Bestguarder SY-007 plus is our top recommendation.

Best Wireless Trail Camera Reviews in 2021

Allow’s analyze what makes the wireless trail camera a good choice for some, then we’ll explain several of their possible detraction so you can find the most effective wireless trail camera. Remember that wireless trail cameras will have the exact same key functions as other trail electronic cameras. Functions such as flash range, camera settings, HD video, and trigger speed are all important as well.

1. CreativeXP LTE 4G Cellular

The best wireless trail camera option is the CreativeXP LTE 4G Cellular Trail Camera, which features Full-HD night vision and takes incredibly crisp photos and videos at all hours of the day or night. I landed on this camera after testing loads of products and making the mistake of buying a cheaper version with fewer specs. I won’t be making that mistake again.

CreativeXP’s mission is to make wireless game cameras affordable for anyone to use. With this camera, you receive a free SimHero Card, which uses AT&T cell towers and comes with 500 free photos and a 32GB SD card. You can also purchase a data plan that gives you 1,500 photos for just $8.

With a motion-activated sensor and multiple video and photo settings, this wireless camera will fulfill your surveillance needs without hassle or headache. Instructions on setting up your device are easy to follow, and if you need help, the family-owned company phone number can connect you with a customer service rep.

This camera’s Full-HD night vision feature has a 65-foot range that can deliver videos at 1080P and images at 12MP throughout the darkest hours. These photos are sent instantly to your phone or email using the Wi-Fi Cellular network. Hope this review could help you make the decision, Bestguarder SY-007 plus is our top recommendation.

2. Spartan GoCamGC-A4GB

The Spartan GoCam is an 8-megapixel cellular deer camera that sends pics to your phone, but it is one of the few that can also send HD video. Eight megapixels may sound outclassed compared to the other wireless camera reviews in this comparison, but a megapixel count can be misleading. In truth, the GoCam’s picture quality is at least as good as many others featured here. The same goes for its 720p video quality. Daylight photos are clear and colorful with just a touch of grain, though not enough to impact identification.

Detection sensitivity is adjustable, but even at its highest sensitivity, it will not trip unnecessarily. The no-glow IR has an optimal flash range of 70 feet. Night photos lack the definition of some competitors, but they are on par with most no-glow trail cams. Trigger times are less than one second. There are also two separate duty modes with their own trigger speeds and time-lapse modes.

Battery life with 12 lithium AAs is not quite what other units offer, but that is to be expected because the camera sends daily status updates. The case is stout and well-made, and there is an internal menu and image display. Setup is simple if not intuitive, and once connected, users can control the unit’s features via a cell phone app.

3. Campark T80 Trail Camera

The best wireless trail camera option for your budget is the Campark T80 Trail Camera, which features black and white night vision up to 65 feet away and has a 1269P video image resolution. With the ability to review and adjust the camera angle with your favorite device, this product makes your life as convenient as possible.

Designed for the modern hunter or game tracker, this 20 MP camera will give you clear, incredible shots of the wildlife that wanders past. This model has all the features the tech-savvy outdoor enthusiast needs. Hope this review could help you make the decision, Bestguarder SY-007 plus is our top recommendation.

With built-in WiFi and 4G cellular options and a dedicated app, you can ensure you have the best angle of your location on your phone. It also means that you can view your photos and videos easily from almost anywhere! 1296-pixel video quality is empowered with super clear sound recording, video starts recording every time motion from wild game is detected.

The durable, IP66 waterproof case protects your hunting camera from all sorts of natural blunders, like rain and dust damage. It can also put up with tough environments like intense deserts or tropical rainforests and your footage safely housed in its weatherproof casing. Providing you dependable reliability and longevity throughout the seasons.

With a 65-foot trigger distance, you’re sure to capture even distant shots of wildlife in the area you’re monitoring. IR flash 36 pc 850nm infrared LEDs also give this camera black and white night vision images up to 65 ft away. You’ll never miss a shot.

4. Bestguarder SY-007 PLUS Wireless Hunting Security Alarm System

Bestguarder SY-007 Plus is a wireless alarm system that contains one 433MHz wireless receiver and five passive infra-red (PIR) motion detectors, when the detector is triggered by a motion in 0-15M open distance, a wireless signal within a maximum range of 300M is transmitted to the receiver, a 15 seconds vibration, a 15 seconds LED light and a 15 seconds sound can identify which detector has been triggered.

This alarm system is primarily used by hunters to inform them of the approach of any animals, it is also used in the field of residential and commercial surveillance.

The hunting alarm is a wireless receiver and sensor specially designed for the hunting of wild game, to get an early alert when doing stand-hunting or driven hunt. The sensor is placed at for example a carrion place or trail and adjusted so it alerts for incoming game.

The sensor detects a distance of 12m with a radius of 90degrees. The sensor can communicate to the receiver within a distance of up to 100m in free terrain (obstacles and battery strength can limit the scope). The receiver can be sent in silent mode with the earphone(not included)

Combined 5Pcs Detectors to one receiver, covered all the blind spots in 360 DegreeThree alarm modes: sound alarm, vibration alarm, LED light alarm, Sensitive sensor for each motion of Animals, 0.5 seconds triggered time, works effectively for Bow or muzzleloader hunter; Water resistant and shock resistant, powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included) with up to six months standby time.

5. Spypoint Link-EVO

Spypoint’s Link-EVO is a 12-megapixel wireless game camera that uses 42 low-glow LEDs to reach out to 90 feet during nighttime use. That flash range slightly outpaces the 80-foot detection zone, but not enough to cause empty frames. The Link-EVO boasts .3-second trigger times. It operates on eight AA batteries, an optional rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, or an external battery or solar panel (12V jack).

Despite being a 4G trail cam, the Link-EVO cannot transmit videos wirelessly. However, Spypoint has gone a long way toward eliminating the headaches of setting up the camera to send photos, which it does quickly and painlessly. Spypoint also includes an activated SIM card, and the company offers a free data plan that includes up to 100 photo transmissions per month, all of which make it the cheapest cellular trail camera to operate for most people. Hope this review could help you make the decision, Bestguarder SY-007 plus is our top recommendation.

Color photos are clear without being spectacular, but nighttime photos are not up to par with the latest and greatest trail cameras. The images are compressed for wireless transmission, further reducing their quality. Video quality is 720p, which is neither modern nor outdated. However, its usable but unimpressive images are easier to stomach when the price of admission and use is so affordable. The Link-EVO brings the convenience of wireless networking to even the most frugal game camera shopper.

6. Bigfoot 3G

While not one of the most well-known trail cam brands, Bigfoot is making a name for itself by simplifying the process of connecting its cellular cameras. Ostensibly one of the cheapest cell cameras to operate, the Bigfoot 3G camera comes with a SIM card that is preloaded for 30 free days of data use. After that, users can load more data onto the card at a minimum rate of $29.99 per year. Of course, in actual use, that amount of data is unlikely to last a full year, but results vary depending on the quality of pictures the user selects. Hope this review could help you make the decision, Bestguarder SY-007 plus is our top recommendation.

Bigfoot claims that its 3G camera maxes out at 12MP, but its photos lack the clarity of some others with that same megapixel count. Daytime photos are plenty clear enough to identify the animals or people in the pictures, though. Night photos are lackluster, with dark edges around the edges of the frame. When animals stay still in the frame, identification is not an issue. Movement causes noticeable blurring, but not enough to make identification impossible. The 65-foot flash range of the 56 no-glow IR LEDs illuminates anything in the middle third of the frame quite well.

This camera has a trigger speed of .4 seconds and a 1-second recovery time for photos. It shoots 1080p video at 30 frames per second and records those videos on an included 16GB micro SD card. It sends photos via email or text message, but it cannot transmit videos. It operates on 12 AA batteries, so battery life is not often an issue when using lithium batteries. Detection sensitivity is variable, but users should avoid the most sensitive settings to prevent empty pics. Also, the included 3G antenna is a bit weak, though upgrades are available.

Who Needs Wi-Fi Trail Cameras?

The reason that a Wi-Fi camera is the best option for a homeowner has everything to do with its limited range. Most of the time, users of these Wi-Fi cameras place them in high, inaccessible locations, such as under the eaves of a structure. Swapping SD cards at these heights normally requires a ladder, but not with Wi-Fi functionality. Even on multiple-story buildings, Wi-Fi signals are usually strong enough to connect between a roof and a ground-level router or cell phone.

Of course, a cellular camera can also fill this role. Cell cameras also offer the flexibility of sending photos to your phone while you are away, and anyone who travels often may consider their unlimited range a benefit. But cellular service charges add up quickly, and anyone who does not need their functionality should ask themselves whether or not the added costs are necessary for their purposes. Hope this review could help you make the decision, Bestguarder SY-007 plus is our top recommendation.

Who Needs Cellular Game Cameras?

Simply put, wireless game cameras are the best option for those who need to access their photos remotely. The 20-meter limit on Wi-Fi connectivity is useless for most hunters and for those homeowners who want to protect their property while they are away. When distance is a factor, the best wireless game camera is undoubtedly a cellular game camera.


As is likely obvious by our selected trail cameras, the wireless game camera market is dominated by cellular technology. Wi-Fi outdoor cameras simply do not offer the same range of cell cameras. Their lack of operating costs— save for batteries—was once their chief advantage, but data-only cellular plans are getting cheaper by the year.

Finding a game cam that sends pictures to your phone is now simply a matter of reconciling your budget with your image quality desires. As the technology improves, these cameras will inevitably incorporate better and better sensors and offer faster triggers and shorter recovery times. Image quality, too, is likely to improve over time, even as prices continue to drop. The future is bright, and it is most definitely cellular.

Bestguarder is one of the biggest manufacturers of high-quality hunting & night vision devices and accessories in China, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality products while providing the highest level of service. If any questions or any large order requests, feel free to contact us. Many thanks for shopping with us!

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