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Choosing the Best Trail Camera for Hunting – Bestguarder SG-009

Bestguarder SG-009 Trail Camera

Choosing the Best Trail Camera for Hunting – Bestguarder SG-009

A trail or game camera can be an invaluable tool for hunters. Instead of spending hours sitting uncomfortably in a tree or hunting blind to see which animals are frequenting the area and where they like to gather, you can simply set up a trail cam and let it do the work. All you have to do is look at the pictures and decide where you want to hunt.

There are several types of scouting cameras available on the market and finding the right one can be confusing.

In this guide, you will find informative tips and brief game camera reviews that will make it easier for you to choose the best trail camera for the money. Each of these models has its own advantages and is designed to be used outside. Maybe one of these game cameras is exactly what you need to see what animals are roaming around your favorite hunting spot.

Best Trail Camera Reviews for 2021 – What is the top choice for hunting?

1. Wild Game Innovations Buck Commander Nano 10

This wireless trail camera is designed for use outside and comes with durable construction. It is water and weather resistant so you never have to worry about leaving it out in the elements, and since it is manufactured by Buck Commander you know that you are getting a quality product for your money. Its compact design and camouflage pattern make it easy to hide, which is always an advantage when you are trying not to startle any potential game in the area.

There are 36 LED lights with a flash range up to 80 feet, so you can easily capture anything moving in the area. The bright flash also provides you with brilliant color shots, even in the dark. You never have to worry about running out of memory storage with this trail camera, since it is capable of accepting 32 GB SD cards. This is particularly useful considering you can capture photos and 30-second videos. The USB cord lets you connect the camera to compatible devices, and save battery power. You only need 4 inexpensive AA batteries to power this camera through the night, and when this is combined with its affordable price it’s not hard to see why the Nano 10 is often considered the best wireless trail camera.

2. Stealth Cam G30

There is very little not to like about this game camera, including its durable construction. It is manufactured by Stealth Cam, one of the leading names in the industry so you can rest assured you are making a smart purchasing decision. It comes with a sturdy case that will protect the sensitive internal parts from the elements so you can safely leave it out in almost any type of weather.

You will appreciate how crisp and clear your photos turn out, even at night. With 8 megapixels, you can capture high-resolution images that clearly show what is wandering around. The flash has a maximum distance of 80 feet so very little gets by the camera, and you also have the advantage of being able to record short video clips. The blur reduction technology allows the camera to take motion shots, which makes it ideal for use above a heavily traveled game trail. With a reflex trigger of .5 seconds, this camera can instantly snap one picture after another. An SD card ensures that you have plenty of memory, and you can even protect your images from prying eyes with secure password protection. Hope this post could help you make the decision, Bestguarder SG-009 Trail Camera will be a nice choice for you.

3. Bestguarder SG-009 12MP Trail Camera

Bestguarder SG-009 is an affordable, rugged camera that’s designed to stand up against wear and tear, as well as the elements. It’s waterproof, so you can leave it out long-term without worry. The main features as below.

HD 12MP 1080p RESOLUTION: 12MP stunning color images and 1920*1080p HD videos with audio up to 90 seconds, this camera presents you with well-detailed imagery down to every detail of the true-to-life wildlife image during the daytime (black and white at night), taking up to 9 photos per trigger within 0.6-0.8s.

LONG NIGHT-VISION RANGE: Equipped with 36 940nm black IR LEDs and a fully automatic IR filter, this camera can easily extend its nighttime vision range up to 75ft/23m without any visible flash, making it a must for wildlife monitoring without scaring animals away.

5 CAPTURE MODES & LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Featuring 5 Capture Modes: Photo/ Video/ Time Lapse/ Hybrid (Photo + Video)/ Motion Detection, this camera guarantees you more options and fun regarding different hunting situations. Together with an energy-efficient operating system, the camera (in standby mode) can extend its use of time to 8 months or take 40000 images with 8*AA 1.5V batteries (not included in the package).

MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: This camera features a time stamp including Moon Phase/Pressure/Temperature/Gps Geotag, Timer, Realtime Replay, Hybrid Mode, Interval Recording, bringing this camera to multiple applications beyond your expectation.

ADVANCED PROTECTION: Password protection and an IP66-rated waterproof case grants this camera double protection. Password protection freeing you from the concern of your photos being reviewed if stolen and the waterproof case protects from rain, moisture, sand, dust, and corrosion, etc. All-in-all, this camera’s software, and hardware are both well protected.

4. Browning Recon Force FHD

The camouflage design makes this game camera easy to hide outside, and it also comes with a durable construction that can withstand almost anything. You will love how clear your photos come out thanks to the 10 megapixels, and since this camera has anti-blur technology it is the perfect choice to hang over a game trail. It will capture moving images without any problems, and you can see once and for all what type of game animals are traveling up and down the trail.

You have the advantage of the .067 second trigger speed, which ensures very little will get by this camera. Since the camera can take pictures one after the other you don’t have to worry about missing any of the action. The 10 megapixels also allow you to take HD video, which is always an advantage. The time-lapse function lets you set the camera to take shots automatically, and with a 100-foot range, this camera can capture almost anything in the area. Connect the camera to almost any HD TV and watch your videos on the “big” screen, and share your favorite hunting memories with anyone who wants to see them. Hope this post could help you make the decision, Bestguarder SG-009 Trail Camera will be a nice choice for you.

5. Covert Code Black

Often considered the best cellular trail camera, you will love how easy and convenient this model is to use. It will connect to the approved wireless network so you can instantly see your photo as soon as the camera snaps it. Not only does this give you instant access to the pictures, but it also stamps each one with the time, date, temperature, and phase of the moon. This gives you a distinct advantage when it comes to tracking prey, and it also helps you plan where you want to place the camera next.

This cellular trail camera comes with a convenient 2-inch viewer so you can immediately see your pictures without having to transmit each one to a compatible device, which is always a bonus when you are hunting in a remote area. The LED lights are designed to not emit a glow so you can take pictures without startling the game. With 12 megapixels to ensure crisp, high-resolution images and durable construction it is easy to see why this trail camera is a popular choice with hunters.

Best Trail Camera Buying Guide

Game cameras can come with several features which can affect the overall price. Some of these functions are necessary, but others might not be worth the extra cost. This buying guide will help you find a trail camera that comes with the features you need.

1. Flash

As stated in the trail camera reviews one of the first aspects to consider is the flash. Since most of your pictures will be at night or in low lighting this is also one of the most important features to consider. There are two types of flashes to choose from, and each comes with its own advantages. While an infrared flash won’t startle animals with a bright light, it is only capable of capturing images in black and white. Incandescent flashes are capable of taking clear color photos even at night, but the bright light emitted often startles animals and uses significantly more battery power than the infrared.

2. Detection Zone

This refers to the area covered by the camera, and it can make the difference between a great and barely functional model. The width and distance specified in the product description will let you know how much area is covered by the camera. This is important if you want a relatively accurate estimate of the number and type of animals in the area.

3. Resolution

The best trail camera will have a high resolution, but this will also be determined by your budget. Inexpensive models generally have a resolution of 3 to 4 megapixels, while mid-priced game cameras are capable of taking clearer images with 5 to 7 MP. Some of the top-rated trail cameras boast 8 to 10 MP which is capable of taking amazingly crisp and clear images, but it also comes at a higher price. Hope this post could help you make the decision, Bestguarder SG-009 Trail Camera will be a nice choice for you.

4. Recovery and trigger speed

You definitely want to pay attention to this feature, which can determine how effective the camera is at determining what types of animals are roaming around the area at night. The trigger and recovery speed refers to the amount of time it takes the hunting camera to capture an image after the heat or motion sensor has been tripped. If the recovery time is too long chances are you will miss part or most of the action. Some of the best game cameras have a trigger speed and recovery time of one second or less.

5. Batteries

This is one feature that you want to pay attention to or you could find that your game camera ran out of power in the middle of the night. The cameras can be powered by AA, C, or D batteries and some use 6 or 12-volt batteries. The cost will often affect your decision, but it is important to remember that the best game camera for the money might be the slightly more expensive one with long battery life. Not only will this save you time and money on replacement costs, but it also ensures that the camera will have plenty of power to stay on all night. Another aspect to consider is the type of flash. Incandescent flashes will use more battery power than infrared ones, which will affect the running time.

6. Viewer built-in

This is often seen as an extra feature that is nice to have, but the game camera reviews state that consumers who pay extra for a built-in viewer seldom regret the small added cost. This convenient option lets you check the pictures without taking the camera out of the woods, which is always nice if your favorite hunting spot is far from home.

7. Memory

Trail cameras can come with internal memory or use an SD card. While internal memory is convenient and does not require the additional purchase of a card, the size of the available storage space is usually limited. It can also be a hassle to transfer the images to your laptop since you need to physically attach the camera. An SD card will provide you with more storage and it definitely makes it easier and more convenient to load images onto your computer. While the memory card does cost extra, it is often worth it in the long run.

8. Video

This is another feature that is nice to have but not necessarily in all situations. Some wildlife cameras will also record video, which lets you share short clips with family and other hunters. It should be noted that not only does the feature add to the final cost of the camera, it can also take up a lot of storage space and easily drain battery power. Hope this post could help you make the decision, Bestguarder SG-009 Trail Camera will be a nice choice for you.

9. Additional Features

There are some additional features to consider, and not everyone might be convenient or practical for you. Some game cameras come with a tiny laser pointer that lets you see exactly where the lens is pointed. Other models come with a fun “burst” feature that will allow the camera to take 3 or more shots at a time, but this can quickly run the battery down and fill up any available memory space.

GPS tagging makes it easier to track movements and find the right place to set up the camera, while models that come with a date or time stamp ensure that you know everything about the prey in your area. Not only will this feature stamp the image with the date and time, but also the temperature and phase of the moon. This extra feature is ideal for serious hunters.

Motion and frame shutter freeze capabilities are nice if your camera needs to take pictures of moving games, but it is often not worth the added cost unless you are trying to photographic a well-traveled trail. Other cameras come with a time-lapse function that can be set to automatically snap photos at specific intervals. Hope this post could help you make the decision, Bestguarder SG-009 Trail Camera will be a nice choice for you.

Even though the majority of these features are not exactly necessary, most are nice to have. If your budget can afford the higher price many of these features bring, it might be worth it after a successful hunting trip.


Trail cameras can save you a lot of time looking for the perfect hunting spot, and these convenient devices are generally easy to operate. Now that you know which features are available, you will find it easier to find a game camera that comes with the ones that you need. Hope this post could help you.

Bestguarder is one of the biggest manufacturers of high-quality hunting & night vision devices and accessories in China, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality products while providing the highest level of service. If any questions or any large order requests, feel free to contact us. Many thanks for shopping with us!

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