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Top 7 Best Night Vision Monocular for Hunting – Bestguarder WG-50

bestguarder night vision monocular

Top 7 Best Night Vision Monocular for Hunting – Bestguarder WG-50

Individuals that are hunting at night require an enhanced vision to spot all details and relocating targets. The best night vision monocular for hunting is made to assist with this. By providing shooters brilliant views also when the environments are pitch black, it contributes to the successful experience.

Nowadays, innovation is relocating faster than ever and also it does not ignore night vision monoculars. For that reason, much of the new designs consist of premium digital functions that are available in helpful in nature. They come much from the typical generation one monoculars that existed in the past. This is a reason a lot more why it is very important currently more than ever to recognize what you’re handling while choosing the appropriate monocular for you. Hope this post could help you find the best night vision monocular, if you have no idea, Bestguarder night vision monocular WG-50 will be a wise choice for you.

What follows are even more details connected to this matter, including a full purchasing guide, testimonials of the leading models with benefits and also drawbacks along with some ideas as well as frequently asked questions. Are you ready? Allow’s go!

Best Night Vision Monocular For Hunting Reviews in 2021

At this point, individuals should recognize that something constantly reached offer. There are almost no perfect models, so they ought to recognize what they want before they enter the store. Whether their priorities lie with the field of view or the weight, they can find models that match their preferences. They need to simply dig deep as well as check out the vital information linked to the products.

With these evaluations, we’ll try to bring a few of the leading monoculars for hunting during the evening closer to you. Hope this post could help you find the best night vision monocular, if you have no idea, Bestguarder night vision monocular WG-50 will be a wise choice for you.

1. Barska NVX100 Night Vision Monocular with Camera

bestguarder night vision monocular-1In general, Barska is a supplier that provides appealing features in its products. This monocular is no different. Being available at an affordable rate, it supplies sharp views with a fine resolution. Thanks to the built-in video camera, users can take images as well as record videos, and also store them on the SD card for future sharing. As a night vision version, it has an illuminator for improving the illumination, too.

Nevertheless, it can not be readjusted, which is a drawback for some individuals. Additionally, the electronic zoom is nice, yet at great distances, the sights may be a bit rough. Still, this is an item that’s worth having a look at.

2. Bestguarder WG-50 Digital Night Vision Monocular

The Bestguarder WG-50 night vision monocular is a fantastic, simple unit that could work well for scope purposes. It’s cheap, has excellent imaging quality for its price point, and can be manipulated to be mounted to a rifle.

It lacks WiFi, GPS, and all these other bells and whistles that expensive monoculars feature, but the Bestguarder WG-50 has the essentials – recording, a built-in adjustable IR illuminator, CMOS sensor, and an integrated Picatinny rail.

That rail proves important as it’s what you pair the adapter with to mount it to a weapon system. It’s not an ideal setup for permanent use, but it does fulfill a need that is lacking right now.

The Bestguarder WG-50 night vision monocular has better than expected imaging quality and detection up to around 200 yards. It’s extremely effective for 100 yards with little to no pixelation or image softening.

The best thing about it is, as a high-functioning monocular, it will still see use after you’ve upgraded your rifle with a real coyote night vision scope. The Bestguarder will remain an essential tool for many hunts and night stake-outs yet.

3. ESSLNB Night Vision Monocular 5X40 HD Night Vision Infrared Monocular

bestguarder night vision monocular-2When it involves viewing at night, this monocular has lots of details that are required. With its infrared-sensitive CMOS sensing unit, people can plainly see black and white images and video clips at night. They can record those as well as save them on the SD card for future sharing. Additionally, the batteries are rechargeable so customers can take a power financial institution to make sure they never lack battery.

However, a challenging detail related to this design is its zoom, which you must get accustomed to. Not to neglect, this often tends to be a heavy design yet it still fits the hand perfectly. Associated with this, there are many buttons externally, which aren’t obvious as well as really easy to press in the dark. As a result, some individuals struggle to discover the right option.

On the whole, however, there are many features that you get for the price, which is why this monocular is taken into consideration as a fascinating option. Hope this post could help you find the best night vision monocular, if you have no idea, Bestguarder night vision monocular WG-50 will be a wise choice for you.

4. JStoon Digital Night Vision Monocular

bestguarder night vision monocular-3Although this isn’t amongst the most significant names on the marketplace, the monocular is truly convenient for hunting during the night. For starters, it has an infrared light that shows the targets plainly on the LCD. To accompany it, there is a CMOS sensor.

After that, customers can take photos and record videos in HD, which can be moved to other devices. That’s why many enthusiasts like to take it with them along with professionals. Speaking about this, the monocular is little in size and also compact, which makes it easy to carry in your pocket constantly.

Nevertheless, regardless of all of this, individuals report some drawbacks that involve the truth that the alkaline batteries required for its operation aren’t included. Hope this post could help you find the best night vision monocular, if you have no idea, Bestguarder night vision monocular WG-50 will be a wise choice for you.

5. SiOnyx Aurora I Full-Color Digital Night Vision Monocular

Not all monoculars offer black and white or green night vision. Some designs like SiOnyx’s one enable hunters to see their dark surroundings completely shade. At the same time, the sights are clear as well as can be quickly captured and also kept on the incorporated card.

Additionally, it has lots of electronic choices like Wi-Fi link, time-lapse in addition to navigation, which streamline the searching experience also further. Additionally, in case a person chooses to search near the water or does not want to quit when it starts drizzling, the product is waterproof.

Still, some disadvantages are the problems that may occur when attaching it to an application for sharing pictures as well as video clips.

6. BOBLOV Digital Night Vision Monocular 5×32

Some of the key things that hunters look at when picking a suitable monocular are magnification and illumination. This model provides them both. With its relatively long zoom, it allows users to spot the targets fast even if they are moving. And the infrared illuminator makes the views brighter, enhancing the viewing distance in the darkness.

To help people carry it more easily, it has a hand strap and a comfortable grip. Also, it’s able to capture and store photos and videos for future usage. Another useful thing for those that plan to spend a long time hunting is the fact that it can be mounted on a tripod. This makes the views steadier.

Despite these details, there are some reported cons like the inability to see very clearly at small distances and the lack of water resistance. Hope this post could help you find the best night vision monocular, if you have no idea, Bestguarder night vision monocular WG-50 will be a wise choice for you.

7. SVBONY SV52 Monocular Telescope Night Vision Digital IR 5×32

Lately, this is becoming a popular brand with worthy models. This monocular isn’t only affordable but also incorporates some helpful features for night hunting. Its rubber armor is strong and durable. Also, it can withstand changing weather conditions.

As for the quality of the views in the dark, the monocular has a long viewing distance and nice clarity of the optics. Thanks to the adjustable diopter, it can be utilized by people with glasses. And the smooth focus wheel is responsible for the sharp details on the edge.

Eventually, as a compact model, it can be carried everywhere.

However, potential buyers should have in mind that there isn’t an external supply of power included.

Buying Guide For Night Vision Monoculars

Weight and Compactness

Beginning with the outer appearance of the monocular, how much it weighs, and how big it is, represent serious factors to consider. Buyers should be familiar with the fact that the weight in monoculars is measured in either ounces or pounds. When looking for models that are suitable for hunting, it’s a good idea to look for as many lighter models as possible.

When it comes to the size of a monocular, preferably it should be smaller and compact. That will enable you to store it and keep it almost anywhere. This comes pretty hand when you’re traveling. To illustrate, a small monocular can weigh even around eight ounces and can be as big as a finger.


What you need a night vision monocular for and its price are considered to be among the biggest influences when making the final decision. Since we’re talking about the best night vision monocular for hunting, in this section we’ll take a peek at the pricing aspect.

Monoculars under two hundred dollars are one price group. It’s predominantly associated with close-range hunting. That’s because the models associated with this group usually belong in the first couple of generations of monoculars, which have low magnification power and whose battery life doesn’t last long. Hope this post could help you find the best night vision monocular, if you have no idea, Bestguarder night vision monocular WG-50 will be a wise choice for you.

Models, which are attached to a price tag between two hundred and three hundred dollars, tend to come from the second generation. That means that users can rely more on the magnification and the quality of the visuals compared to the ones from the first generation. Also, durability is another strong asset these models have.

Last but not least are the most expensive models yet the ones that are widely considered to be the most quality. They resist extreme weather conditions and are quite mobile. What’s more, users can observe with them from up close even during utter darkness. That is aided by the professional lens and the exceptionally wide field of view.

Water- and Fog Proofing

As we mentioned, models that you can rely on should be operational even in the toughest weather conditions. That may include heavy rains where you may find yourself hunting. That’s why it’s recommended to look for a waterproof casting if you think that you’ll need it.

Something connected to waterproofness is fog proofing. That means that night vision monoculars shouldn’t fog easily because that way they’ll destroy the whole viewing experience.


Like every investment, you want the product you buy to last for as long as possible. That’s also the case with night vision monoculars for hunting. Usually, the life expectancy of the first generation models is pretty low when you compare them with the latest generations. That’s one of the reasons why plenty of buyers opt for spending a few more additional bucks on newer models (such as models in the third or fourth generation) that will last longer.


Something monoculars are known for (including the night vision ones) is their ability to serve their purpose in numerous instances and for different purposes. For instance, besides hunting, users can find them beneficial when hiking or observing wildlife or for security.

With that being said, the vision of the viewer is enhanced and he/she can look at objects even when they’re surrounded by complete darkness. An infrared illuminator helps in that direction, too.

Some models work great both day and night. If you plan to utilize your monocular throughout the day, then you may consider looking for models that have this capability. It makes the model more versatile, but it may also increase the price a bit.

Further, night vision monoculars can boast high-end display resolution. When paired with the quality of the lenses, they can deliver clear, crisp, as well as bright visuals.

Eyecup Adjustments

It may come as a surprise to some that not every monocular comes with eyecups. It’s useful to know that often the larger models have them. Eyecups are a desirable feature because they offer relief and ease while observing, especially if the activity lasts longer. Plus, hunters who wear glasses can observe without a problem when the model has eyecups.


As we previously showed, the best night vision monocular for hunting isn’t as complicated to come by if you know what you’re looking for. So, after going through the reviews of the popular models on the market right now and the key features in the buying guide, what are your thoughts regarding this matter? Hope this post could help you make the decision.

Bestguarder is one of the biggest manufacturers of high-quality hunting & night vision devices and accessories in China, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality products while providing the highest level of service. If any questions or any large order requests, feel free to contact us. Many thanks for shopping with us!

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